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OUR manages several programs that provide research opportunities, while individual faculty and other campus programs also offer abundant options for students interested in research. Within the curriculum, students explore the production of knowledge and understanding in various fields through General Education courses and have opportunities to prepare honors theses and independent studies.

OUR Programs & Services for Undergraduates

OUR offers a number of programs and services to support undergraduates pursuing research opportunities and experiences. 


Learn more about the programs and services we provide.

Research Opportunities Database

UMD faculty and other research groups provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects.

Search our database of these opportunities.

Research Opportunities - Campus Centers and Programs

The following university centers and programs offer research opportunities for undergraduates. Please note that this list does not include programs like Gemstone and FIRE that students join in their first year at UMD. 


Faculty and staff who wish to add, edit, or remove a listing are welcome to contact OUR.

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General Education Courses

UMD's General Education requirements ensure that students get some level of initial research experience in the pursuit of their degrees. 


Courses designated as Scholarship in Practice embrace some of the fundamentals of research at their core.  Scholarship in Practice courses allow students to engage in authentic work in a particular field of study.  Students learn and practice skills of critical evaluation and participate in the process of applying knowledge in the pursuit of a tangible goal.

You can search TESTUDO for all Scholarship in Practice courses in any term.

Honors Theses & Independent Studies

UMD's colleges and departments offer rich opportunities to conduct faculty-mentored research within the curriculum through honors theses and independent study courses. You do not need to have joined the Honors College at the time of your matriculation to UMD to write an honors thesis.


Talk to your academic advisor for more information on the opportunities available within your field.

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