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Sharing your work with your scholarly research community is one of the most important steps in your undergraduate research journey. Most often, undergraduate students' first experiences with research dissemination is through a Research Poster. 

Posters look different across different research and creative fields. They can even differ based on the standards set within your specific research groupWhile The Office of Undergraduate Research recognizes this, we wanted to create a guide that could be applicable to a broad range of research fields.  In addition to using these guides, we encourage you to check in with your undergraduate research mentor to ensure you are meeting disciplinary expectations while developing your poster. 


To support UMD students in developing high-quality posters, we developed a two-part guide that will walk you through each step of the poster creation process; from poster preparation to poster presentation! We hope the following set of guides will provide a useful starting place for developing an effective, well-designed research poster. 

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