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Tomorrow is Undergraduate Research Day 2024 - Please Join Us!

The Office of Undergraduate Research invites you to Undergraduate Research Day tomorrowApril 17, 2024 (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Grand Ballroom - Stamp Student Union). 

This event empowers undergraduates of all backgrounds and disciplines to share their research experiences and outcomes with our institution's peers, faculty, and staff.  We hope that you will encourage and challenge them through conversation and questions!

We will have light snacks and over 400 student participants eager to speak with you.  Everyone in the UMD community is welcome and no pre-registration is required.

Our mission is rooted in how learning is reimagined through the transformative power of research.  If your schedule allows, please come to encourage ongoing discoveries, the embrace of uncertainty, and the resilient persistence students have shown in the face of research-centered adversity. 

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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