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Starting in 2024, OUR will develop a number of new multidisciplinary events to better support the culture and community around undergraduate research engagement.

More information about how to participate in these events will be provided soon.


OUR is also ready to consult with faculty interested in designing research-centered courses. 


Through years of professional experience and nearly a decade of operating FIRE, our team is broadly experienced in designing course structures, learning outcomes, modes of assessment, and curricula that support the unique challenges of Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs).


Additionally, we bring vast experience regarding the pedagogical challenges of engaging authentic research in classroom and laboratory environments.  They include managing student perceptions of research engagement, helping students iterate in the face of unexpected and disappointing outcomes, and managing student teams.  Our goal is to help faculty create CUREs that are exciting, authentic to the discipline engaged, logistically manageable, and sustainable for semesters and years to come!

We recognize that not all undergraduate research experiences are in the form of programs like FIRE or CURE courses.  Experiences hosted by single faculty members impacting single or few students remain immersive and meaningful forms of research opportunity and relationship building between faculty and students.  OUR seeks to help support the efficiency and sustainability of these engagements.

We welcome inquiries regarding ways in which we can support your success.


OUR provides support to departments and programs.


We are happy to speak with students about the process of getting involved in research at departmental and program events. We are also available to consult on larger-scale initiatives to promote equitable and inclusive access to undergraduate research experiences, as well as initiatives to build inquiry-based learning into curricula. 


Our unit exists to support your success - please let us know how we can help!

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