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UMD faculty and other research groups provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects.

Campus Partner Information

OUR's Research Opportunities Database

OUR provides UMD campus partners and other research groups a platform for publicizing undergraduate research opportunities. Through this opportunities database and other initiatives, we facilitate equitable and inclusive recruitment into on-campus undergraduate research positions.

Please note: The information below relates to our current system for helping campus partners recruit undergraduate students for research opportunities.  Please stay tuned for a new system available to UMD campus partners in 2024. Our goal is to provide a system that enables partners to dynamically create, modify, and delete research opportunities without additional intervention from our office.  We seek to better facilitate student-faculty connections through a system allowing UMD faculty to communicate with and evaluate candidates without needing emails, scheduled meetings, and other time-consuming processes.  

Current Database Entries

The live database is available for browsing, filtering, sorting, and downloading.

Managing Your Database Entry

If you have a current entry in this database and would modify or remove it, please email our team with new information for any part of the entry and we will process the change within one business day.

Submitting a New Entry for the Database

If you would like to add a new entry to our database, please complete the form at this location.

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