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The Mentor Review consists of three sections: the mentoring plan, evaluation of the Student Proposal, and supplemental questions. 

Sustainability of the Mentoring Plan
Please describe your mentoring plan for supporting your student should they be accepted to SPIRE. This plan should address your intended frequency of contact, your plan for helping your student develop any necessary skills, techniques, or procedures, and goals and/or milestones you hope your student will achieve during the 8-week program. 


Evaluation of the Student Proposal

Mentors will be asked to rate their students’ responses to the five evaluation criteria on a scale of “Excellent” to “Weak” using the following rubric: 

SPIRE Rubric.jpg

Click here to download a copy of the SPIRE Student Proposal Evaluation Rubric. 

Supplemental Questions


In the case that multiple students have submitted a SPIRE Proposal with one individual listed as their mentor, the mentor will be asked to indicate the degree to which they would prioritize funding each of the students' proposals. 

Mentors will be asked to provide information regarding Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for Student Proposals involving Human Subjects Research. 

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