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FIRE Faculty Collaborators


The Office of Undergraduate Research is accepting proposals from potential FIRE Faculty Collaborators to aid in the development of future FIRE Streams. 


The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE) is a three-semester course-based undergraduate research experience that provides first-year UMD students with an inclusive faculty-mentored research experience that drives accelerated career readiness and opportunity. Students who enroll in FIRE:

  • Engage in a one-semester research course led by FIRE Faculty Leaders to develop initial capacities in research-based, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.  

  • Join one of the 16 FIRE Streams led by FIRE Faculty Leaders.

  • Authentically engage in research broadly relevant to the greatest challenges of our time. 

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FIRE Streams

FIRE hosts 16 research groups called FIRE Streams, which represent a range of fields, including natural science, social science & humanities, and technology & applied science research disciplines. Each year, a small number of FIRE Streams end. This change allows new FIRE streams to be launched in a manner that keeps FIRE continually renewed and research-relevant to the challenges of our times.

FIRE Faculty Leaders

FIRE Faculty Leaders are Assistant Clinical Professors who develop and oversee the research agenda and curriculum for their FIRE Stream. They collaborate with UMD department faculty to establish and maintain the research plan, providing comprehensive mentorship to students throughout the Stream's duration.

FIRE Faculty Collaborators

FIRE Faculty Collaborators assist FIRE Faculty Leaders in their FIRE Streams' development and design. They typically meet with FIRE Faculty Leaders monthly to discuss the stream's research agendas and progress.


Do you know an early-career faculty member or doctoral candidate who would make an excellent FIRE Faculty Leader? Or, do you have an idea for a FIRE Stream you would like to support as a FIRE Faculty Collaborator? Consider submitting a Faculty Collaborator Stream Proposal

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Faculty Collaborator Stream Proposal

 We are actively seeking UMD community members interested in serving as FIRE Faculty Collaborators. Please note that submission of a Faculty Collaborator Stream Proposal does not guarantee your role as a FIRE Faculty Collaborator. Rather, the proposal offers the opportunity to suggest an idea for a FIRE Stream and share the FIRE Faculty Leader Hiring Call with interested candidates. 

Components of the FIRE Faculty Collaborator Stream Proposal 

  • FIRE Faculty Collaborator Name, Contact Information, and Affiliation

  • Brief FIRE Stream Description:​​ Please provide a description of what a potential FIRE Stream might involve. This description may include the research problems or questions you propose to address, methods or approaches FIRE students would learn, and expected outcomes or impacts of the research.

  • Information on Distribution of the FIRE Faculty Leader Hiring Call: We would appreciate your assistance in distributing the FIRE Faculty Hiring Call to any relevant outlets.  If willing, please describe where or to whom you distributed the Hiring Call.  You may list the names of individuals you distribute the call to in this section should you wish. 

FIRE Faculty Leader Hiring Call 

If willing, please distribute the FIRE Faculty Hiring Call to any discipline-specific or UMD contacts. Please see the FIRE Faculty Leader Hiring Call and common FAQs below, or see the linked Document for easy distribution via email. 


The Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President and Office of Undergraduate Research is seeking full-time 12-month Assistant Clinical Professors to begin in January 2025.  FIRE Faculty lead newly developed FIRE research streams designed around the research experience, passions, and goals of applicants.

For the upcoming hiring cycle, OUR is looking for candidates who may identify as any of the following : 

  • Early-career faculty, postdoctoral researchers, or individuals who have recently completed terminal degrees in their fields.

  • Doctoral Candidates who will complete their degree prior to January 2025 will be considered and are encouraged to apply. 

  • Individuals with active research interests and goals.

  • Individuals with experience or interest in mentorship and research instruction. 

We are specifically seeking individuals from any of the following disciplines:  

Social Science & Humanities: Psychology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Communications, History, Music, Gender Studies, and all similar and related disciplines.

Natural Sciences: Biochemistry, Biology, Cellular Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Virology, and all similar and related disciplines. 

Technology & Applied Sciences: Computer Science, Engineering, Information & Data Science, Geographical Information Systems, Physics, Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Computational Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, and all similar and related disciplines. 

FIRE Faculty Leader Position Description

FIRE Assistant Clinical Professors design and implement the group research agenda and are responsible for all research-related curriculum, instruction, and broad student mentorship.  The position empowers early-career faculty members to grow as research leaders, educators, mentors, and higher education professionals.

FIRE Assistant Clinical Professors work in collaboration with department-based UMD faculty members to design and implement the research agenda of a new FIRE research stream.  As the lead instructor of research-related FIRE courses, the FIRE Assistant Clinical Professors are tasked with providing an excellent educational experience through the development of a research-centered curriculum that allows for iteration: students engage in work that includes periods of uncertainty, setbacks, and unexpected outcomes and have the opportunity to repeat unsuccessful methodological attempts.  As the professional that works with FIRE-participating students, FIRE Assistant Clinical Professors provide personal, academic, research, and professional mentorship.

Initial appointments will start in January 2025 and run through December 2025, with strong potential for annual renewals beginning in January 2026, per positive performance reviews. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ph.D. (title: Assistant Clinical Professor) or Master's (title: Lecturer) degree. 

  • Active Research interests and goals.

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Research leadership experience.

  • Experience working on funded research projects.

  • Prior supervisory experience of undergraduate researchers.

  • Record of success in presenting research at conferences and/or publishing research in peer-reviewed journals.

  • At least one year of experience in teaching undergraduate students (either as the instructor of record or as a teaching assistant).

  • At least one year of research team experience with substantial project management experience and organizational skills.


  • Apply for the FIRE Assistant Clinical Professor Position on eJobs. 


Is this hiring call meant to find FIRE Assistant Clinical Professors to create new FIRE streams or run those that already exist?
New streams! We want you to join us and design and launch a new FIRE stream in January 2025. 

How many FIRE faculty members are a part of FIRE?  Will I be part of a team?
We currently have 16 full-time faculty members on our team.  You would be a part of a vibrant and collegial community.

Should I submit letters of reference with my application?
The application requires a list of references but there is no requirement for letters of support at this stage.  We reach out to references at a later stage in the hiring process when we need additional information about an applicant.

Will my FIRE stream idea work?
The following guidelines might help:

  • Will you be doing authentic, meaningful, relevant research using methods representing your discipline?   

  • Can you design and scale your research goals to enable 30-40 undergraduate students to work with you for a year? 

  • Can your research generally be done on campus during business hours?   

  • Does your research require only modest equipment and dedicated research space?

What are the expectations of the position?

  • ​Ability to lead a team of undergraduate peer mentors through clear communication and management.

  • Ability to develop instructional curriculum and protocols for research-based inquiry and discipline understanding.

  • Ability to effectively teach undergraduate students in lecture and research-based environments.

  • Ability to mentor students from research, academic and personal perspectives.

  • Ability to assess student learning through the development of formative and summative assessments appropriate for inquiry-based instruction.

  • Ability to manage research operations including student progress, equipment, consumables, and oversight of the fiscal budget.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with stream faculty members, undergraduate peer mentors, students, and institutional colleagues.

  • Ability to problem-solve, prioritize, and manage multiple projects and timelines.

  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Ability to work autonomously and collaboratively.

  • Flexibility to grow, adapt and change as FIRE develops at UMD.

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